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Welcome to the website of the hit play 'The Rare Oul' Times'. The play is performed by The Nomadic Theatre Company, winners of the 'Good Companions Touring Award' at the National Fit-Up Awards in Dublin. 

The action takes place in John Ryan's famous Bailey Pub in Duke Street, Dublin, where the audience are on-lookers as two of Irelands most outrageous and notorious drinkers and literary figures, Brendan Behan and Patrick Kavanagh, discuss their successes, failures and love lives to date in 1950's Dublin.

These two gentlemen get in all sorts of trouble. From robbing a newsstand to claiming somebody else's wins at a casino using online promotions and presenting false ID cards. With these geniuses, the fun never stops, and the cocktail hour never ends.

Nostalgia, humour and song flow in equal proportions to thepints of 'black stuff', as the cast produce a memorable nights theatre that will send the audience home with a tear in their eye and a smile on their lips.

Photograph of Oliver Moore as Brendan Behan (front) with Ken McElroy as Patrick Kavanagh (behind), taken in a bar

Quote: "A great piece of theatre which expertly captures a certain magical time in Dublin" - Irish News

Listen to extracts from the play:
(Some contain strong language)

2. The Greyhound (mp3) - (557kb)

3. On Marriage (mp3) - (324kb)

4. On Poetry (mp3) - (510kb)

5. On Kavanagh's Love Life (mp3) - (693kb)

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